Gutters can get blocked up with leaves and roof moss, fascias suffer from excess rain water that cannot drain away due to these blockages. Don’t risk climbing that ladder get JetKingPro to use SkyVac to suck the dirts and leaves away.

Clean Guttering

Patios and Decking are areas that collect seasonal debris such as leaves, lichen, moss and algae. By cleaning annually these are kept at bay. JetKingPro will use modern machinery and methods to get rid of this dirt and make sure it doesn’t come back. Bring the life back into your patio and get rid of that slippery slime on your decking.

Block Pathing

Block Paving can pick up dirt and grime from your car and much more. Have JetKingPro thoroughly clean this area and finish by brushing in Kiln Dried sand, bringing it back to life. Some areas of paving and even resin bonded driveways may need an extra clean and this can be done using a softwash option, ask for more details on our contacts page.

Don’t replace that worn looking garden furniture or think you have a problem when the fence panels are turning green, ask JetKingPro to use their advanced equipment to clean them and give your garden that new look again. Go to our contacts page to get a free quote.